FATHERa film by Lella Satie

A young boy creates an escape world of his own, to deal with the realities of his daily life.

*Grand Jury Prize*
VAN GOGH Award, Amsterdam Film Festival 2017
*Talented New Filmmaker*
International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema LONDON 2017​​
*Best Short Drama*
Austrian Independent Film Festival 2017
*Platinum Award Short Drama*
Worldfest HOUSTON 2017​   
​*Best Short Film*
Chandler International Film Festival 2017 ​
*Best Short Film* & *Best Screenplay*
The Gulf Of Naples Independent Film Festival 2017

*Best North America Short Film*
Link International Film Festival 2017
*Silver Lei Award*
Honolulu Film Awards 2017
*Best Children's Film*
Tiburon International Film Festival 2017

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"Father" is a short film about a universal theme of childhood struggles. It's a story seen through the eyes of a young boy. The film explores Noah's inner world, and the world around him...​

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​*Best Original Screenplay*
*Best Lead Actress* 
International Filmmaker Festival of World CinemaLONDON 2017​ 
​*Best Director*
*Best Cinematography
*Best Lead Actress*

International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema NICE 2017​​